Modernize SQL Server devops, testing, disaster recovery & migrations

Writeable secondaries on demand in seconds with current production data using transaction log backups for SQL containers, instances, docker SQL Server & Kubernetes

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On demand production data devops

Refresh dev, test, and staging environments with always up-to-date production data via command line, docker clients, REST APIs or UI. Transaction log backups update a central database image repo forever, for delivery of writable live secondary databases on demand, in seconds. Automatically apply upgrade, rollback and data masking scripts to the live secondaries


On-demand, tested Disaster Recovery (DR)

A Windocks database image repo at the secondary site, kept up to date with transaction log backups from the primary delivers DR on demand. Save costs by using a single Windocks server as a DR secondary for multiple primaries in different locations. Test DR periodically by delivering live secondaries on demand from the Windocks image. Fail over to warm DR instances or instances created on demand


High confidence cloud migration

A Windocks image on the cloud is updated automatically with transaction log backups from the on-prem primary. This image delivers live secondaries with current production data on the cloud that are tested periodically with mirrored production requests for confidence. When ready, switch over to the cloud production server which has current production data from the same Windocks image


Windocks delivers clones of databases either using Windows VHDX based cloning or using your SAN (NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity, etc). The lifecycle of the SAN thin volume clones (creation, volume mounting, SQL Server database attaching, deletion) is automated and managed entirely by Windocks. Database clones are available in SQL Server containers or instances.

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Free consult and pilot for modern data delivery

Unlike high upfront cost solutions, Windocks is easy to start with. Contact us for a free consult on modernizing data delivery and learn more about our supported free pilot

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Accelerated production debugging

Deliver live secondaries on demand in seconds with the latest production databases (with data masking) for debugging, hotfix development and testing.


Testing with production data

Deliver live secondary production databases with test scripts from a git repo applied along with data masking scripts


SSRS Containers

Deliver Report Server containers for Azure SQL or AWS RDS on a single VM, for a scalable and economical public cloud SSRS solution. All editions of SQL Server (Enterprise, Standard, Developer) are supported


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Automatically refresh hourly with transaction log backups and deliver current production databases to SQL Servers, containers and Kubernetes applications

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Windocks delivers SQL Server containers with production database clones for Azure devops pipelines. Use Windocks to deploy production data environments for all your dev, test and staging environments.


Industry leading affordability and simplicity

Windocks installs in minutes and provides SQL Server administrators with automated support for creating clonable data images, with built-in data security and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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