Variables, setting the VHDX path for the image, for SQL Server full backups

FROM mssql-2016

# Puts the VHDs and clones for this image in the specified directory

# ENV IMAGE_VHDX_DIRECTORY=path\to\vhds\for\this\image

# This line defines the image as a full backup only image and cannot be updated with transaction log backups
# Full backup images allow you to run SQL scripts at image build time # Remove this line if you want to update the image periodically with transaction log backups
# For "transaction log backup images", SQL scripts must be run at container create time (RUN must be below ENV USE_DOCKERFILE_TO_CREATE_CONTAINER=1)


USE_DOCKERFILE_TO_CREATE_CONTAINER=1 # The $ variables listed below are populated by Windocks automatically
# You can use them anywhere in the docker file below the USE_DOCKERFILE_TO_CREATE_CONTAINER=1
# $ContainerDir $ContainerPort $ContainerId, $ImageName, $ContainerName

# You may also define your own variables and use them in the dockerfile.

# Users creating the containers can provide the values for those variables in the web application UI or in the command line -e or in the REST API(enterprise edition only)
# The convention is to put the variable name in between the delimiters STARTENV_ and _ENDENV