Database Environments On-Demand  

All on a single Windows server

At the speed of business, Windocks enables fast and frequent delivery of complete SQL database environments to your development and test teams.

Database cloning and virtualization, incremental database refresh, and a control plane for database orchestration, enables you to deploy multiple, simultaneous database environments to your dev and test teams — all on a single Windows server.

Unlike other test data management solutions, Windocks offers the simplest deployment, a minimal attack surface, and centralized data security and audit — all to provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).


Unique Windocks Capabilties


Complete environment cloning and virtualization

Deliver writable databases on demand for each user, using either Docker containers or existing instances.


Incremental database refresh on a single Windows server

Deliver production database environments in near real-time, and work with point-in-time environments as needed.


Control plane for database orchestration

Configuration - not code - for business-ready data delivery. Orchestrate subset/synthetic, auth, Git, encryption, masking and other services.


Subset & synthetic data

Down-size databases while retaining relational constraints and source data distribution. Apply synthetic data for data privacy and sharing with third parties.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Run dozens of writable SQL Server for Windows instances on a single Windows server.

Realize hard cost savings from reducing VM and storage overhead through database cloning and containerization.

Reduce VMs, associated licenses costs, and save disk space utilizing zero-copy clones.

Slash database administration "wear and tear" typically associated with maintaining, securing, and auditing dev/test environments through configuration and orchestration using simple docker files, docker command line, REST API, or web application.

Blue DevOps Cost Savings

Here’s all the good stuff


SQL Server Containers

Consolidate VMs with writable database named instances on a single Windows server and reduce VM sprawl. Zero copy database cloning saves disk space by only storing differences.

Orchestration icon

End-to-end Environments

Coordinate database cloning, containerization, periodic production refresh, access control, masking, and scripts to customize and deliver complete database environments.

Data masking icon

Data Privacy

Maintain privacy and compliance through automated data masking of production data sets or intelligent sampling for synthetic data generation, preserving the statistical distributions of production data.

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Optimized for Microsoft

Windocks includes an independent native Docker port optimized use with Windows, SQL Server, and Azure. Linux support also available for orchestration of Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.


Novartis technology teams across UK, India, and Spain required access to shared cancer genomics sequencing data. With previous technologies, they had to track installs client-side to ensure they were working with the same test data.


Novartis utilizes Windocks to automate the deployment of identical, terabyte-scale SQL Server test databases for teams across geographies, with Windows authentication for access control and integrating data masking for data privacy.


Continuous delivery of technology improvements and data to clinicians and researchers.  Technology contributed to better research outcomes and compliance with patient data security regulations.


"Deploy Windocks to reduce relational DBMS (RDBMS) release cycles and operational costs, and to improve operational efficiency and to deliver a continuous integration strategy."



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Automate Test Data Management in Your Environment

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($9,450 / yr)

Clone production data to your instances

  • Size of all databases - up to 1 TB
  • Checkmark Up to 10 concurrent images
  • Checkmark Up to 1 container and unlimited clones
  • 1x1
  • Checkmark Support for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases
  • Checkmark Use with Web application, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, REST API
  • Checkmark Azure DevOps, AWS Codepipeline, Rancher, Jenkins, Bamboo, Octopus, and more
  • Checkmark Email support


($14,450 / yr)

Test with containers and production data clones

  • Feather-core-plus-circle Size of all databases - up to 2 TB
  • Up to 10 concurrent images
  • Feather-core-plus-circle 10 concurrent containers, clones
  • 1x1
  • Support for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases
  • Checkmark Use with Web application, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, REST API
  • Checkmark Azure DevOps, AWS Codepipeline, Rancher, Jenkins, Bamboo, Octopus, and more
  • Checkmark Email support


By quote

Orchestrate end-to-end DevOps and testing with clones and containers

  • Feather-core-plus-circle Size of all databases - up to 99 TB,
    2 TB included
  • Feather-core-plus-circle 20/50/100 concurrent images
  • Feather-core-plus-circle 20/50/100 concurrent containers, clones
  • 1x1
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Support for Oracle, SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases
  • Checkmark Use with Web application, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, REST API
  • Checkmark Azure DevOps, AWS Codepipeline, Rancher, Jenkins, Bamboo, Octopus, and more
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Email and Zoom support
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Snapshot and reproduce changes made to database clones (docker commit database containers)
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Git integration for automatic application of database scripts
  • Feather-core-plus-circle SQL Server Distributed Transactions, Linked servers
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Database orchestration - Orchestrate Git, access control, other services
  • Feather-core-plus-circle User and group level access controls, database audit logs
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Dashboards
  • 1x1
  • 1x1 Additional fee-based options
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Scheduled incremental changes from production for always current production data clones
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Production snapshot database timeline, rollback
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Database masking with sensitive data discovery and classification, mask creation and data obfuscation
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Synthetic data generation to preserve statistic data distributions using built-in module (based on SDV), Microsoft AI Synthetic Data Studio (SDS), or using your own custom code
  • Feather-core-plus-circle SQL Server Agent, Reporting (SSRS), Analysis (SSAS) and Integration (SSIS) containers
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Storage system integration, including NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity, Actifio, and more

Need clarification?

What is Test Data Management?

Test data management is the process of creating and delivering data appropriate for development and testing.

Historically, test data management has been done very manually by database administrators. However, with much of development and test in application development moving to DevOps, Windocks has led in bringing modern DevOps practices to the data side as well.

How does Windocks work with SQL Server?

While automation has been deployed more often in the cloud native environments and even on-premises in the Linux world, many Windocks customers rely on Windows Server to run SQL Server.  Windocks includes an independent, native port of Docker for Windows Server to allow isolated containers of Windows SQL Server instances, while leveraging the ecosystem of using docker files and scripting in conjunction with popular source control and build systems. 

By keeping SQL Servers in Windows, Windocks customers can continue to leverage their familiarity with Windows, Windows authentication for security, as well as their Windows toolchain, including SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).

Are there business benefits?

DevOps aims to improve agility and time-to-market through continuous delivery. As such, bringing DevOps into Test Data Management has brought Windocks customers significant top-line business outcomes.

There are also bottom-line benefits in the reduction of traditional virtual machine (VM) sprawl, disk space savings through zero-copy cloning, and licensing costs.

How do I get started?

The Windocks team would be happy to do a free consultation with you to discuss bringing DevOps into your Test Data Management.

You can also request a free evaluation of any of our editions, or download a limited community edition to just start working hands on with the software.


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