Move, Subset, or Synthesize your data anywhere

Generating synthetic data, subsets, data migration

  • Right-sized, privacy protected synthetic data that looks like production, with complete databases, subsets, tables, and flat files
  • Create subsets in minutes, and move TB databases in hours, between different database types and cloud services
  • SQL Server, Snowflake, Postgre, MySQL, Aurora, Oracle, RDS, Azure Managed Instance, and Azure SQL 
  • Start with a free edition, and support for 1 TB starts at just $499/month

Need to move data between SQL Server and Snowflake, and Azure to Aurora? Need synthetic data for ultimate data privacy and LLM?


SQL Server to Snowflake at 20 million rows per minute 


Gartner names Windocks as key vendor for synthetic data 

Windocks was included in Gartner's recent report "Emerging Tech Impact Radar:  Data and Analytics."  The renowned consulting firm named Windocks as a key vendor in the tabular and synthetic data.

Windocks covered by Bloor Research in Test Data Management 

Find out how Bloor describes Windocks as "an up-and-coming database virtualisation vendor that it looks like it might be poised to shake up the space."


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A Trusted Partner

Windocks is a trusted partner for large and small organizations around the world.  Windocks customers benefit from unique capabilities ranging from database subsetting, to Windows SQL Server containers, database cloning, and one-click data delivery.   

Windocks customers also benefit from responsive, customer focused support and product priorities. 


Novartis technology teams across UK, India, and Spain required access to shared cancer genomics sequencing data. With previous technologies, they had to track installs client-side to ensure they were working with the same test data.


Novartis utilizes Windocks to automate the deployment of identical, terabyte-scale SQL Server test databases for teams across geographies, with Windows authentication for access control and integrating data masking for data privacy.


Continuous delivery of technology improvements and data to clinicians and researchers.  Technology contributed to better research outcomes and compliance with patient data security regulations.

Features and Pricing



Database subsetting, Synthetic data, and Database and Cloud Mover

  • Source data - up to 1 GB of data (generally sufficient for 10 GB DB)
  • Checkmark SQL Server, Postgre, MySQL, Aurora, Snowflake, Azure Managed Instance, Azure SQL, AWS RDS, and flat files
  • Checkmark One-click migration of databases to a new instance or to a different platform or cloud service
  • Checkmark Database subsetting and synthetic data generation
  • Checkmark Community Support



Database subsetting, Synthetic data, and Database and Cloud Mover, with added capacity and technical support

  • Everything in Community Edition plus:
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Source data - up to 1 TB
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Email support


By quote

Database subsetting, Synthetic data, Database and Cloud Mover, plus Database cloning, and Windows SQL Server containers

  • Checkmark Everything in Standard plus
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Source data - 1 to 99 TB
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Windows SQL Server containers
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Oracle, DB2, and other databases
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Snapshot and reproduce changes made to database clones (docker commit database containers)
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Database orchestration - Orchestrate Git, access control, other services
  • Feather-core-plus-circle User and group level access controls, database audit logs
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Production database timeline, rollback
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Database masking with sensitive data discovery and classification, mask creation and data obfuscation
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Add custom synthetic data generation support using your preferred open source or in-house libraries
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Storage system integration for Cohesity, Actifio, Rubrik, and more
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Email and Zoom support
  • Interested? Email

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