About us

At Windocks, we've been helping our customers with their data operations since 2015. Our unique patent-pending technology treats data and data services as artifacts so that they can be easily reproduced and delivered on-demand in seconds.

We're a small group dedicated to serving a large base of prestigious clients, living by the principles of doing more with less. We relish in bringing DevOps and automation to the data layer and enjoy working with like-minded customers.

We've also received recognition from the industry at-large. For example, Gartner recognized us early in our history with a "Cool Vendor" and we keep innovating!




What we prioritize

Treat automation as a journey

We aim to serve you at any phase of your automation journey, beginning with self-service data and progressing to scheduled and automated delivery on-demand through CI/CD, alongside technologies such as Kubernetes.

Work with existing technology

We get frustrated when adopting new practices requires swapping out underlying technologies. We designed our systems to work with your existing Oracle, SQL Server databases and your existing storage, as well as any public cloud.

Keep the platform open

Unlike others who seek to differentiate based on proprietary architectures, our aim is to allow you to plug in any data masking, synthetic data generation, authentication, or storage into your automation.

Be accessible

Unlike many so-called enterprise packages, we offer software that is downloadable, easily evaluated, and up-and-running in minutes.


Writable SQL Server snapshots, production database timelines, and more


Bloor analyst report on test management

Bloor described Windocks as "an up-and-coming database virtualisation vendor that it looks like might be poised to shake up the space."


News highlights

"...there’s no doubt there will be a corresponding rise of interest in database virtualization technologies that promise to make it simpler to build those types of applications."


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"A new DevOps database platform can allow the databases to be treated like any other DevOps artifacts that are orchestrated and automated within the DevOps toolchains."


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"WinDocks provided users with the features they were waiting for from Microsoft, such as the ability to support .NET and SQL Servers in containers while running Windows Server."


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"And one of the key differences between the Windocks container technology and Microsoft’s official container support for Windows turns out to be quite surprising: compatibility with existing applications and processes."


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Featured Customers



World's second largest pharmaceutical company by market cap. Shares R&D data across multiple research centers worldwide.



Innovative company utilizing proprietary tools and processes to redefine the process of purchasing, financing, and protecting vehicles. 


American Family Insurance

Third-largest mutual property/casualty insurance company in the U.S. Automates the delivery of applications in its direct-to-consumer business.



Money management firm employing active risk management, in-depth research, and innovative product solutions. Employs analytical systems developed and maintained in-house.



Ramesh Parameswaran

CEO, CTO, and Cofounder


Veteran of Microsoft leading its UNIX initiatives and serial entrepreneur. Founder of a Top 100 website in Web 1.0.


Paul Stanton

VP of Product Management and Cofounder


Veteran of Microsoft and recognized expert in PaaS, open source, Test Data Management, and DevOps.

Steve Pao

VP, Data Science


Veteran of Oracle and serial startup executive across data-intensive fields of cybersecurity and data protection.  2 IPOs.

Robert Amenn

Director of Engineering


Veteran of Microsoft with a strong background in server-side technologies, leveraging both Linux and Microsoft ecosystems.


Our History

Windocks is a profitable company, founded by former Microsoft employees, operating for over 8 years in the provisioning of test data, with marquee customers spanning industries, including healthcare (Novartis), finance (DoubleLine), insurance (American Family Insurance), and retail (DriveTime). Even more notable than our customers with household names are the multitudes of less famous, mid market customers who have not only made their dev and test more efficient with Windocks automation but have benefitted from real-world reductions in operating costs by using our platform.

Windocks is proud to have the backing and participation of leading investors and advisors in the Pacific Northwest, including Geoff Entress, Venture Partner at Voyager Capital, and Scott Oki, founder of Oki Developments and the Oki Foundation.

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