Windocks Plans



Database subsetting, synthetic data, and database migration

  • Source data - 1 GB data, generally sufficient for a 20 GB database
  • Run on Windows, Linux, or Docker containers and Kubernetes, on-premise or cloud
  • hubspot checkmark SQL Server, Postgre, MySQL, Aurora, Snowflake, Azure Managed Instance, Azure SQL, AWS RDS
  • Synthetic data for databases, selected tables, and CSV files
  • Checkmark Database migration on the same platform (ie., Postgre to Postgre), and cross platform and cloud on any of the supported platforms
  • Checkmark Community support




Database subsetting, synthetic data, and database migration at scale plus technical support

  • Checkmark Everything in Community edition plus:
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Source database - up to 1 TB
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Electronic support


By quote

Database subsetting, synthetic data, database migration, database virtualization (cloning), and Windows SQL Server container orchestration

  • Checkmark Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Source data - up to 99TB
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Windows SQL Server containers and Kubernetes support
  • Feather-core-plus-circle User and group level access controls, database audit logs
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Storage system integration, including NetApp, Pure Storage, Cohesity, Actifio, and more
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Database orchestration - Orchestrate Git, access control, other services
  • Feather-core-plus-circle Email and Zoom support
  • Interested? Email