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Data Privacy

Making the Most of Synthetic Data

Synthetic data can be generated and used to protect privacy during AI/ML modeling, development, and test.


Manage data, not infrastructure

Windocks 6.0 introduced support for Linux database virtualization, and a scale-out distributed data repository, enabling on-demand delivery and...

New Features

Introducing Windocks Complete Data Masking

Windocks now includes optional SQL Server data masking. Over 90% of Windocks evaluators choose Windocks over Red Gate in head to head comparisons!

New Features

Live Secondary databases and new use-cases

Windocks new support for live secondary databases is a game changer for devops, database migration, production database debug support, and even DR.


SQL Server Containers for Database Migration

Migrations of SQL Server databases to a recent release is an ongoing challenge of SQL Server DBAs. In this article we take a look at how containers...

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